Djinobili scored a basket . . . with a pass!

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Manu Jinobili needed only two days from 2018 to make a performance that was a decent candidate for the Year of the Year, and he did not want to. 40-year-old sorcerer Baia Blanca realizes two points with a pass in the San Antonio victory with 100:91 as a guest at New York City in Madison Square Garden. The Argentinean legend wanted to parachute to LAMarcus Aldridge, but instead of falling into the hands of the heavy wing, the ball went through Nix`s net. But this was noticed only by Ginobili, and everyone else, including Michael Beaulieu, who caught the fight and started an attack on the hosts.

I thought it was a fight. I certainly did not see the ball coming in, said Beasley after the meeting.

Ginobili himself immediately entered into a dialogue with the judges, albeit in a slightly higher tone, because, as he himself told the media, `When you insert such a basket, you want it to be read. Yes, it was strange, but the judges reviewed the situation and scored the points.

I trained this shooting for a long time and it finally came to me, joking Manou, who finished with a total of 12 points, and the pass-basket was one of his two successful shootings from the three-point zone. The Argentine played his sixteenth season in the NBA, and before the meeting was the most interesting figure for the fans, because it might be his last visit to the legendary New York City Hall.

Blog of sport and soccer tips