Kobe Bryant:Travel is more important than the destination

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Kobe Bryant had a wonderful speech at the Lakers Lossing Ceremony - 8 and 24. The legend turned to the legends of the team, to the current team, as well as to their family, fans and journalists, thanking all of them.

Thank you, thank you! Thanks for tonight, but it`s not just about my teams already up there. These are the teams that stood there before me. Because without them, there was no way I could be here today. They inspired me to play at this high level, `Bryant began.

It is also about the next generation. About the lineup we have now. They have to accept that spirit, the spirit of those teams above, and make sure that the next 20 years are better than the previous ones. And for the fans. Journalists. Your expectations always motivated me. Thank you, `continued Koby. ` `It`s about my family. For my wife Vanessa. For our daughters. They know that dreams come true as long as you work hard, adding how exactly his wife motivated him before his last career match by record of football forecast where he scored 60 points against Utah. `In his words, he was so tired he was nothe had the strength to do anything, but after seeing what a gift he is expecting him - replicas of the teams of some of the biggest in history, with personal messages to him, there just could not be no Jazz.

The trip is important, not the destination, he philosophically concludes he

Thank you, thank you very much, I love you`, finished his speech.

Blog of sport and soccer tips