No surprises: Judge and Bellinger are No. 1 among the recruits

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For the first time in 20 years, both winners of the Jackie Robinson Award for Best Debut in Major League Baseball were elected unanimously. And that`s no surprise, given that in 2017 Aaron Jude (New York Yankees) and Cody Bellinger (Los Angeles Dodgers) simply had no competition among their peers in the field. The previous two unscrupulous prize winners were Nomar Garzipaara (Boston Red Sox) and Scott Ronaln (Philadelphia Phyllis) in 1997.

Judge and Bellinger gathered the maximum sum of 150 points in the `Rookie of the Year` poll organized by the Baseball Associationjournalists in America (BBWAA). Traditionally, 30 media representatives have participated in the vote for each of the two leagues of the MLB -;two in each city with a team in the American and National. Their voices carry points on the 5-3-1 system of the first to third place in each ballot.

Judge runners in the AL vote were Andrew Beninendi (Boston Red Sox) with 75 points and Trey Mansini (Baltimore Orioles) with 31 points. Support was given by just three players -;Matt Olsen (Oakland Atletico), champion Houston Astros Juliusz Guriel and Jordan Montgomery (New York Yankees). `It`s a dream come true, an incredible feeling, just to be mentioned with the other two candidates is a kind of honor for me in view of the season they have. ` I am blessed to be in this position, `commented the winner Aaron Judge. Last season, the 25-year-old outfitted a new record for the most home runner`s home run (52), and finished as a leader in the AI at points scored (128) and won hits (127).

In the NF, the three-point winner after Bellinger filled Paul de Jong (St. Louis Cardinals) with 56 points and Josh Bell (Pittsburgh Pirates) with 32 points. Here the palette of the nominees is much more colorful, with pointssix more young people have received. `I think I`m excited with my teammates, we obviously did not reach our final mentioned by links for sport tips goal this year, but next season we will try to get to the next level, ` he said. 1 Bellinger, who turned out to be the losing side of the World Series in which the Dodgers retreated 3 to 4 in front of Astros.

Blog of sport and soccer tips