Vandewai - Görges is the final in the WTA Elite Trophy

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American Coco Vandeway, placed under number 2 in the main scheme, qualified for the WTA tournament analyzed by soccer dropping odds final Elite Trophy in Zhuhai, China with a prize pool of 2, 280, 935 dollars.

In the second semi-final of today`s program, Vandeway won 6: 3, 6: 3 over Australian Ashley Barty.

Vandeway reached the success of Barthy for 64 minutes, making two breaks in the first and one in the second set, and at the same time took all nine of his runs seamlessly.

In the dispute over the Vadouway trophy will meet German Yulia Gorges, who beat Anastasia Sevastova (Latvia) earlier today. The 7th-placed tennis player imposed 6: 3, 6: 3 on the Latvian and secured a place in the trophy dispute.

Gorges did not meet resistance from his rival and closed the match for 1:12. The German did not break through any of her submissions but managed to win at Sevstova`s service three times.

Blog of sport and soccer tips