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According betting on the first half/final outcome is one of the most preferred strategies today. That could bring quite a big profit. Of course, such soccer picks are extremely difficult to be made and undoubtedly, you need a dose of good luck. However, you cannot rely solely on luck. Naturally, there are different considerations that can help us in the preparation of such successful soccer predictions. Coefficients for full or partial reversal in the second half in most cases start at 13.00 as they can reach the attractive 30.00-40.00.

It would be a good decision to make your soccer predictions for the outcome of the match without looking the result at halftime. You should first evaluate whether the teams are pretty evenly matched and have high-quality players. All you have to do next is examine the statistics and conclude which of the two teams is more likely to make any ‘surprises’ on the field. This method is quite useful, if you make soccer tips for a draw or more than 1.5 goals in the match. Interesting fact is that a serious percentage of the first halves of the matches of the leading Championships end with the score 0:0, 1:0 and 0:1.

It would be a good choice to bet on a partial or full reversal, when it comes to a match between a decent host and more serious guest team. Guests usually play faster, and it is quite likely for them to realize a goal. Accordingly, the hosts will be forced to increase their turnovers in the second half, in an attempt to please their audience. The opposite can happen as well. Often, the hosts exert pressure over the guest team and the score at halftime is 1:0. Here you should bet on the 1/x or ½. That depends, of course, on your initial soccer picks for the final score of the match. The result 1:0 is the perfect one, if you have rated the x or 2.

No matter whether you play in the system or a single selection, of course, the factor on which you rely is also important. From a mathematical perspective, the bigger coefficient for equal output from a particular sport event gives you the better chance for a positive balance in the long term. We have noticed that for this type of bet the values of coefficients in the different bookmakers could vary for the same event.

Blog of sport and soccer tips